Rochester's First Choice Realty Career Opportunities

You can work from home with top pay.  We are always looking for new agents.
Stop scrambling,
paying out most of your hard earned money to work as an independent agent of a corporate broker doesn't make sense.
Consider the facts; it costs you, and your clients time and money to handle business this way.  
Think outside the box, you can earn an average of 25% more per transaction with our company and provide your clients better service.  
Step up, at Rochester's First Choice Realty you can afford to give your buyers and sellers the service they deserve.
This benefits everyone, you, our clients, and your family. You can afford to put our clients personal and financial
interests first and also earn an excellent wage to support your family in the process
We wouldn't have it any other way.
We believe that every honest hard working Agent and assistant with integrity deserves an excellent standard of living .Do you share our values?
Our goal is to offer you a more intelligent career choice while offering our clients a level of service that exceeds their expectations.
Do you want to start a new career or feel that your family and clients are worth more?
Join us- Call Todd Schaeffer 585-755-8290 or fill out this form.
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